Fair Taste - Organic Black and White Mulberries

Fair Taste - Organic Black and White Mulberries

Organic mulberries are organically grown by small farmers’ groups in Uzbekistan that the fair share of profit can help them for the better education, roads and water supplies to their villages. 

No Preservatives or Additives. Suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients: 100% organic mulberries

Benefits: Anti-oxidation

Weight: 35g

Country of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Fair Taste from Hong Kong

    Fair Taste is a local social enterprise which established in 2003 and determined to promote and support Fair Trade / sustainable development for over 10 years. 

    In 2007, Fair Taste launched their own brand "Fair Taste" and focus on the product range of quality organic food & beverages. They wish to bring Fair Trade into people's daily life and enhance the public awareness towards sustainable development, which includes 3 key elements: environment protection, fair price and fair trading opportunities. 

    Other than the sustainable development, Fair Taste products are freshly handmaded by female kai-fong which can create the local job opportunities and help promote the local handmade products.