Fair Taste - Organic Cashew Brittle (180g)

Fair Taste - Organic Cashew Brittle (180g)

SKU: FT-CB-180
Cashew brittle is a very crispy and great tasting snack, freshly made by local female kai-fong. No additives added. 

Ingredients: Fair Trade organic cashews from India , organic cane sugar from Paraguay

Weight: 200g

Country of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Fair Taste from Hong Kong

    Fair Taste is a local social enterprise which established in 2003 and determined to promote and support Fair Trade / sustainable development for over 10 years. 

    In 2007, Fair Taste launched their own brand "Fair Taste" and focus on the product range of quality organic food & beverages. They wish to bring Fair Trade into people's daily life and enhance the public awareness towards sustainable development, which includes 3 key elements: environment protection, fair price and fair trading opportunities. 

    Other than the sustainable development, Fair Taste products are freshly handmaded by female kai-fong which can create the local job opportunities and help promote the local handmade products.